Wednesday, 14 October 2020

SPRTSC to Sprouts Origins (SPRO) coin Swapping

Sprouts Origins (SPRO)

2015 is the year Sprouts coin was born. The community was amazingly united. But, the Code used was not the greatest as it is Peercoin based for which it had many exploits and there was no maximum cap of the coin.  2018 was the year when the community divided into three groups due to major disagreements between members, there was a swap and a hard fork. SproutsClassic remained the original chain. Today we are here to revive SproutsClassic with the new coin Sprouts Origins. We welcome all 3 communities to unite once again so Sprouts Origins can restore its glory that it had in 2015, bring back unity, solidarity and common goals and most importantly, consensus.

= = = = 

New Coin Name: Sprouts Orgin

Ticker : SPRO 

Max supply :1 Billion 

Swap Ratio : 10Billion :1 

Coin Type: POS/MN 

Algo: Quark

 Expected Coin Price after swap~1$ 

Note: In late 2017 the coin was dying, cause Dev and team members left the project. Members were disappointed with the situation, some members were concerned on reviving the coin so they started struggle and they collected around 0.2 BTC for this process. 

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Tuesday, 13 October 2020

How to Fix Negative Balance Issue of Sprouts (SPRTSC) Wallet

 If your Sprouts wallet is showing negative balance, it means your wallet is holding more than 9 trillion Sprouts. And you can fix it by splitting your sprouts into two wallets.

If you are holding all Sprouts in one address and you want to split it into several addresses then here is the procedure for you.

Here is the procedure for you.

1.   Close Sprouts core wallet, if it is running.

2.   Go to %appdata%\Sprouts and backup your wallet.dat file. 

3.   Rename the "wallet.dat" file to "01_wallet.dat".

4.   Open Sprouts core wallet, it will create a new "wallet.dat" file with one address. Create one more address. 

5.   Copy & paste two addresses into a text file. Close the core wallet.

6.   Rename the "wallet.dat" file to "02_wallet.dat".

7.   Now rename your "01_wallet.dat" to "wallet.dat".

8.  Open core wallet, go to Send coins tab, in the "custom change address" insert the address that holds all of your Sprouts.

9.  Add one more recipient, insert two addresses of "02_wallet.dat" in two "Pay To" fields.

10.  In the both amount boxes type 9999999999 (ten nines) and press send button. 

You will have to send several times to the addresses of "02_wallet.dat". Don't stop till the balance of "01_wallet.dat" reduce to 5-6 trillion. But, wait at least one confirmation between two transactions, so the blockchain will not stuck. If you will make so many unconfirmed transactions then the size of mem-pool will increase and your wallet can stuck. 

For your ease you can create more than two addresses in "02_wallet.dat". And add more recipients during sending sprouts from "01_wallet.dat" to "02_wallet.dat". I mean if you create 4 addresses in "02_wallet.dat" then send to all addresses at the same time, in this way you can send 9999999999 x 4 Sprouts at one time.

And you don't need to add bootstrap file so, you can change it 

Please don;t forget to  add Bootstrap file and .conf file in folder.

with the following

Please don't forget to add "sprouts.conf" file in the data folder of Sprouts and add some nodes in the configuration file. You can ask for active nodes in the discord server of Sprouts.

If you're facing negative balance issue. And your "wallet.dat" contains several addresses, then follow the procedure. 

1. Export private keys of all addresses. And save it to a text file. 

2. Write down the balance of each addresses along with private keys. Close Sprouts core wallet.

3. Go to data directory %appdata%\Sprouts and move / rename "wallet.dat" file.

4. Open core wallet, it will create a new "wallet.dat" file.

5. Suppose, you have 4 addresses and it contains 9.3 trillion Sprouts.. Choose two addresses that contains approximately half of your total Sprouts. Import the private keys of that two addresses. Check the balances of imported addresses. If it is same that you wrote in step 2, then everything is okay.

6. Close core wallet. Go to the data directory and rename "wallet.dat" file to "01_wallet.dat" file or whatever you want.

7. Open core wallet again and import the private keys of remaining two addresses. Check the balance. If it is same then everything is okay.

Now, you have two "wallet.dat" files. When you want to use your first wallet.dat file then rename your 2nd wallet.dat file to "02_wallet.dat" and rename your first wallet.dat file to "wallet.dat" from "01_wallet.dat". And vise versa.