Tuesday, 20 October 2020

SPRTSC Swapping To SPRO.

Sprtsc Swapping to SPRO .

So . It's more than year people HODL SPRTSC in wallet or in any exchanges .

Somewhere Deposite/Withdrawn disabled . Somewhere some issue .

So the  users who are holding SPRTSC they have changes to Participate IN SWAP . 


So the new Coin SPRO which will born after swap lets view the details of that coin .

New Coin Name: Sprouts Orgin

Ticker : SPRO 

Max supply :1 Billion 

Swap Ratio : 10Billion :1 

Coin Type: POS/MN 

Algo: Quark

So ,  Supply is just 1BN = 1000000.

Chances are there price will start with  0.1$ - 1$  - 10$ . [1k Satoshi - 10k - Satoshi - 100k Satoshi].

Because These days people who are holding these coin not getting any old record or response . so , new team is working and planning for swap .

Right now as per my knowledge SPRTSC are listed in Nuex - disable all the functionality except Trading with Doge .

Ircex .. people not satisfied with this even . so manual transaction is happening peer to peer.

from there people can buy and enjoy the swapping or if want do the staking of these coin .

Pls More Information : https://discord.gg/MQpZR9

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