Wednesday, 21 October 2020

SPRTSC Airdrop. + SPRO Coin By Team Members

SPRTSC Airdrop. + SPRO Coin .


Team  will be giving away SPRTSC to those who donate to SPRTSC  developers.

This equates to a total of 1 trillion SPRTSC, which will be split evenly among our $400 goal.

Half of the 1 trillion SPRTSC will be distributed in NEWCOIN after the swap.

So, for example, if you donate $10, you'll get 12.5 billion SPRTSC and 12.5 billion SPRTSC worth of NEWCOIN.

SPRTSC  team  still chance to revive this coin, just  team  need to act as a community. Please consider to contribute in the developers fund. We need only $400, it's not a big amount, we can easily achieve it. 

For your motivation Team  will send you 10 million Sprouts for each Doge you will contribute to the developer funds. If you will send BTC/LTC then you will get according to market price of BTC-Doge/LTC-Doge.

SPRTSC  Team  allocated 1 trillion Sprouts for this giveaway. Team  will send you just after you will send to the contribution addresses. So, after sending Doge/BTC/LTC post your Sprouts address. 

There is another giveaway from pcorex, you will find details here:

So, don't wait guys, start sending your contribution.


I will share 100Billion SPRTSC for each 10$ worth of Doge/BTC/LTC donation to this coin development. My contribution is 1 Trillion.

If the new coin value hit 1$ its already 100% returns of your investment. Luckly it hits 10$  it would be 1000% returnzz.! Cheers :thumbsup:


I will pledge 1 billion for every dollar donated in doge, ltc or btc.  how is that???  This is besides the 3 trillions already pledged

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