Friday, 19 October 2018

Lendxcoin - Airdrop 130 XCOIN (~ $26)

Lendxcoin - Airdrop 130 XCOIN (~ $26)
Lendxcoin - Airdrop 130 XCOIN (~ $26)
Lendxcoin (Xcoin) is a kind of digital cash applied in P2P lending via online network which is based on Blockchain platform through a smart contract. Lendxcoin will be a bridge linking lending and borrowing of members all over the world without any mortgages. Lenders and borrowers are connected to each other quickly and easily, and have not to take much time and carry out complicated procedures like at traditional banks.
Note: The bounty campaign ends in few days. Those who haven’t verified the account do it now by clicking My Account -> KYC Verification (on dashboard). You can transfer Xcoin to your wallet after being verified successfully.
How to join:
1. Sign up for the website and confirm your email, click bounty button on the dashboard. (KYC is mandatory)

2. Complete the social tasks to get Xcoin
2.1. Follow and share them on Facebook. (30 XCOIN)
2.2. Join their Telegram group (30 XCOIN)
2.3. Follow them on Twitter (20 XCOIN)
2.4. Write an introduction about their Xcoin with minimum 250 words and post on forums or your social network as well as send the link in order to get the Xcoin. (50 XCOIN)