Tuesday, 9 March 2021

ZebPay: Buy, Sell Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Globally in Hindi

अगर आपको क्रिप्टी करेंसी app  में withdraw करना है तो जेबपे एक अप्प  है। 
काफी स्मूथ है।  इसमें काफी सारे Coins  लिस्टेड है / बसीकली ये क्रिप्टो  अप्प इंडिया में काफी फेमस है। तो अगर आपको क्रिप्टो से INR  करना है या INR  से क्रिप्टो में तो ये अप्प ट् TRY कीजिये
बहुत लोगो ने TRY  किया है और ये अचे से चल भी रहा है। इस टाइम पे कभी एक्सचेंज है पर This one is Best One. 
Withdrawal  के लिए KYC Approve  करनी पड़ेगी।  नहीं टी विथड्रावल और डिपोसिट काम नहीं करेगा 

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Uniswap Pool BOT is Scam .

Uniswap  Pool is  scam . So  please  don't invest your tron or doge or any other Crypto in bigger amount it.
I have invested 1000 Tron and   in one day I got 3500 tron as it was 400% Profit .
now I have withdrawn 1500 Tron  but  its not in my wallet its more than 2 days . After I just withdrawn 70+ Tron which reflected immediately in my account . after one withdrawal they are not paying.

If u really want to add some and withdraw  then take a risk of 100 Tron MAX , 
They will offer like this with uniswap.org website url . I posted my comments on Uniswap discord and one of member said uniswap pool  not comes under uniswap pool . I posted this on tronlink telegram channel also .
Their reply  its just scam

I was referred by one of my friend whom I met on coin market telegram channel .
So if you really want to withdraw u can do by putting small amount withdrawn.
They will allow you to add how much tron you want to add but not withdrawal please  be aware of it .
I spoke to many people and everyone is saying its scam . and also there is no support m but I got Withdrawal of small amount not bigger amount.

After first withdrawal , I got withdrawal msg  that I can withdraw second on in 48 HRS.

Join on your risk
but its scam . u will et first withdrawal only  so start without investing more than 10Tron

Sunday, 25 October 2020

Sprtc Swap SPRO Date Announced.

Sprtc Swap SPRO Date Announced.

Swapping date has been set by Team.

Teasm is  finishing up the PENG too HCC swap, then we will be pushing AstraCore publicly, while all this is going on team is  working hard in the background to get wallets ready for Sprouts Origins

The final date to be able to get SproutsClassic will be the 25th Nov 2020

So get hodling those SPRTC .

Mean While if you want to earn Doge or Tron By Playing Game without Any desposite then you can Choose Money Whale available on Gooogle Pplay.

Earn Doge and Tron By playing game.

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Money whale app | Earn Doge or Tron by Playing Game Money whale app

 Download Money Whale app and make money while enjoying the game! My invitation code: 148203

Earn Doge and Tron By playing game.

Its very simple download app .match matching animal and make your level up if u need you can download or view the vedios

1. Never put Any of Animal In recycle .  try to merge them .

2. Getting high level  will make offline point also 


Wednesday, 21 October 2020

SPRTSC Airdrop. + SPRO Coin By Team Members

SPRTSC Airdrop. + SPRO Coin .


Team  will be giving away SPRTSC to those who donate to SPRTSC  developers.

This equates to a total of 1 trillion SPRTSC, which will be split evenly among our $400 goal.

Half of the 1 trillion SPRTSC will be distributed in NEWCOIN after the swap.

So, for example, if you donate $10, you'll get 12.5 billion SPRTSC and 12.5 billion SPRTSC worth of NEWCOIN.

SPRTSC  team  still chance to revive this coin, just  team  need to act as a community. Please consider to contribute in the developers fund. We need only $400, it's not a big amount, we can easily achieve it. 

For your motivation Team  will send you 10 million Sprouts for each Doge you will contribute to the developer funds. If you will send BTC/LTC then you will get according to market price of BTC-Doge/LTC-Doge.

SPRTSC  Team  allocated 1 trillion Sprouts for this giveaway. Team  will send you just after you will send to the contribution addresses. So, after sending Doge/BTC/LTC post your Sprouts address. 

There is another giveaway from pcorex, you will find details here:


So, don't wait guys, start sending your contribution.


I will share 100Billion SPRTSC for each 10$ worth of Doge/BTC/LTC donation to this coin development. My contribution is 1 Trillion.

If the new coin value hit 1$ its already 100% returns of your investment. Luckly it hits 10$  it would be 1000% returnzz.! Cheers :thumbsup:


I will pledge 1 billion for every dollar donated in doge, ltc or btc.  how is that???  This is besides the 3 trillions already pledged

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

SPRTSC Swapping To SPRO.

Sprtsc Swapping to SPRO .

So . It's more than year people HODL SPRTSC in wallet or in any exchanges .

Somewhere Deposite/Withdrawn disabled . Somewhere some issue .

So the  users who are holding SPRTSC they have changes to Participate IN SWAP . 


So the new Coin SPRO which will born after swap lets view the details of that coin .

New Coin Name: Sprouts Orgin

Ticker : SPRO 

Max supply :1 Billion 

Swap Ratio : 10Billion :1 

Coin Type: POS/MN 

Algo: Quark

So ,  Supply is just 1BN = 1000000.

Chances are there price will start with  0.1$ - 1$  - 10$ . [1k Satoshi - 10k - Satoshi - 100k Satoshi].

Because These days people who are holding these coin not getting any old record or response . so , new team is working and planning for swap .

Right now as per my knowledge SPRTSC are listed in Nuex - disable all the functionality except Trading with Doge .

Ircex .. people not satisfied with this even . so manual transaction is happening peer to peer.

from there people can buy and enjoy the swapping or if want do the staking of these coin .

Pls More Information : https://discord.gg/MQpZR9